Nothing screams Hollywood and luxury like major award events like the EMMY Awards. And nothing says luxury like Lux Lounge Event Furniture Rentals. The company is dedicated to providing luxurious, elegant furniture for upscale events and promotions. Lux Lounge EFR has outdone itself in its ten years of business, and providing furniture for

The 85th Academy Awards Governor’s Ball allows Lux Lounge EFR to retain its powerful reputation as the leading supplier of unique and beautiful lounge pieces for the top events in the entertainment industry. Celebrities have flocked to Lux Lounge’s elegant and charming products for a decade now, and they’re sure to remain doing so. As

To pair with the sparkling Swarovski crystals is our Banquette with High back and Corner Connecter. The beautiful flowers are sitting on top of our Ghost Cocktail table. The guests can step to our Red Velvet Bourne and 18” Round Red Velvet Ottoman for an open space with their cocktails. The entire setup give the guests

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