In 2004, we recognized that the furniture rental industry was falling short of customers’ expectations. Since then, we’ve worked to bridge the gap between Expectations, Execution and the Event Experience. Lux Lounge EFR is a lounge rental company that offers an array of full service decor needs to corporate clients, entertainment brands, set decorators, lifestyle publications, destination management companies, event planners, and individuals for all upscale lounge furniture needs in Los Angeles, New York, Hawaii, Pasadena, Orange County, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, Phoenix, and San Diego.


We take pride when our furniture collections become part of your event. Our distinct pieces are featured at events created by leading marketing agencies, event producers, media companies, film studios, and tradeshow exhibitors. New trends combined with classic pieces are picked by our specialized design team and are custom to every occasion. No matter the event, we always strive to empower and enhance your vision to make it come to life.


Lux Lounge EFR is the jet setter of owning a wide variety of collections from modern, mid-century, illuminated furniture, tufted unique high-end pieces, and classic styled Victorian pieces. All of our collections are available in a variety of colors, sizes and mass quantities to make your vision a reality. “Anything you can imagine, we can create,” is our motto at Lux Lounge EFR. By utilizing our in-house manufacturing capabilities our specialized design team curates custom fabricated designs to fulfill our clients needs.


Focused on creating an unforgettable event experience, the unparalleled quality and service we provide has contributed greatly to our uniqueness and success. By sticking to this high standard we’ve had the honor to serve such client’s as the Super Bowl, Oscar’s Governor’s Ball, Emmy Awards, the Grammy’s, SAG Awards, Warner Brothers, Bacardi, EDC, Twitter, Coachella, and Paramount Pictures to name a few. We believe that you deserve an exceptional level of excellence in quality and service from the design phase to post production. At Lux Lounge EFR, we ensure that there are endless possibilities for your next event.

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