Our Royal Collection is inspired by the precious metal gold that signifies royalty, richness, and luxury. This collection features rich metallic fabrics, traditional tufted seating, and timeless designs that will create a golden opportunity at your next event.ections for you.

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24 Carat Deco Coffee Table

The 24 Carat Deco Coffee Table is a bright gold table that will shine at your event.

W62″ x D35″ x H19.5″

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Farmer’s Barstool (Gold)

Our Farmer’s Gold Barstool will set the tone and ambiance for classy and royal affair at your next event. Perfect for cocktail hour or as an accent piece to create a memorable experience for your guests.

Width 17.7
Height 46.0
Lenght 18.9

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Metro Coffee Table

The Metro Coffee Table is a sleek table with that comes in gold and silver.
48″w x 18″d x 18″ h

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Metro End Table

24x w x 24” d x 18” h

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Metro Highboy Table

Dimensions 24” W x 24” D x 42” H

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Mirror Gold Cube

Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 18 in

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Monroe Elegance Barstool (Gold)

The Gold Barstool is a well-constructed piece that flawlessly complements a warm contemporary design.

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Royal 18” Round Ottoman

Dimensions 18” W x 18” D x 18 H

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Royal 40″ Ottoman Gold

The Royal 40″ Ottoman Gold is a timeless piece with a European design that is great for extra seating.

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Royal Asymmetrical Sofa

The Royal Asymmetrical Sofa comes in metallic gold and lights up any room.

W81″ x D24″ x H41″

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Royal Bourne Gold

The Royal Bourne Gold is a timeless piece with a European design that is great for extra seating.

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Royal Gold Chair

Chair 47″ wide x 36″ deep x 18″ h
Royal chair is 31″ high at back.

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Royal Ottoman (Gold)

A longstanding traditional period of time is the inspiration to this collection. This European design from centuries ago has become a timeless classic. This ottoman seats 1 person.

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Royal Sofa

Sofa 88″ wide x 38″ deep x19″ h
Total height of sofa is 31″

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Royal Two Piece Tufted Sectional

The Royal Two Piece Tufted Sectional is a timeless piece with a European design.

Back Piece: 6’ 8” W x 44” D
Chaise: 6’ 2” W x 44” D
Height 18″
Entire Sectional: 130” w x 118’D x 44”D

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Stanley Gold Back Bar

The Stanley Gold Back Bar is a sleek and contemporary design to display your bottles at an event.

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Tiffany Tufted Gold Bar

Tiffany Tufted Gold Bar is a tufted statement piece that can have columns added for more space.

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Twist End Table (Gold)

The Twist End Table is an unique side table that comes in various of colors.

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