Mid Century

Inspired by the timeless sophistication and beauty of the modernist movement, our new Mid Century Collection emphasizes contemporary designs of this retro style. The Mid Century Collection features bold colors, clean lines and organic materials. Tis collection incorporates vintage sofas, chic chairs and modern tables. The Scandinavian influenced designs will add “mod” simplicity and functional comfort to any event.

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Abbey Chair

The Abbey Chair is both elegant and comfortable.

Overall Dimension:
W19″ x D24″ x H38″
Seat Height: 19″

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Abby Sofa

The Abby Sofa stays true to the Mid Century look with a simple tufting on Olive colored fabric and wooden legs.

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Aerie Barstool

The Aerie Barstool bestows modern classic deign. Perfect around any highboy or communal table.

19″L x 20″W x 30.5”H

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Alice Dining Chair (Blue Gray)

The Alice Dining Chair (Blue Gray) is pop of color outlined by a deep wood.

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Alice Table

The Alice Table is a fun unique side table for every type of event.

Dimensions: 23.5″L x 23.5″W x 23″H

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Alloy Chair (ORANGE)

The Alloy Chair is conventional and functional for any type of event

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Apple Ottoman

The Apple Ottoman has an ultramodern yet simple design.

Dimensions: 25″L x 25″W x 20.5″H

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Astro Chair

Overall Dimensions:

W26″ x D32″ x H34/39″
Seat Height: 15″ – 21″

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Astro Dining Table

Product Dimensions: 79″L x 39.5″W x 29.5″H

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Avenue Chair

Our Avenue Chair comes in multiple colors creating a classic look perfect for any event.

Dimensions: 18.5″L x 21″W x 32.5”H

Avenue Chair Clear
Avenue Chair Light Blue
Avenue Chair Orange
Avenue Chair Green
Avenue Chair Black
Avenue Chair Red
Avenue Chair White

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Azul Chair

Our Azul Chair is tufted and cushioned making it an ideal chair for long events.

Overall Dimension:
W25″ x D23″ x H33″
Seat Height: 19″

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Benny Chair

SEAT DIMENSIONS: 18″L x 19.5″W x 18″H

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Bliss Chair

The Bliss Chair is a simple retro chair perfect for any event.

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Bubble Chair

The Bubble Chair is part of the Mid-Century Collection giving a modern touch to a classic look.

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Canary Chair

The Canary Chair is part of the Mid-Century Collection giving a modern touch to a classic look

24.5″L x 26.5″W x 30″H

27″L x 18″W x 16.5″H

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Cemento Walnut Desk

Dimensions: W47″ x D24″ x H30″
Interior Drawer: W15″ x D14″ x H3.5″

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Delano Sofa

The Mimi Sofa has rich blue velvet color and material supported by a golden frame.

Dimensions: W68″ x D32″ x H27.5″

Seat height: 15.7″

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Delia Sofa

The Delia Sofa has a custom grander Mid Century look with a high back and arms but still has the classic tufted look.

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Dirch Sofa

The Dirch Sofa stands on wooden legs with tufted detailing and round throw pillows for extra comfort.

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Doheny Chair

The Doheny Chair is a modern lounge chair that works for any event.


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Dosia Sofa

The Dosia Sofa is classic and timeless Mid Century fashion with circle details.

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Draper Chair

The Draper Chair is a modern chair great for events that need a lot of seating but still need an edgy look.

Overall Dimension: W20″ x D22″ x H32″

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Eileen Side Table

Overall Dimension: 20″L x 20″W x 37.5″H

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Electa Sofa

The Electa Sofa shines with a custom fabrication with tufted details and staying within the class Mid Century look

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Emma Desk

Overall Dimensions: W65″ x D24″ x H33″

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Essa Side Table

Overall Dimension: 12”w x 17”h

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Etta Chair

30.5″L x 30.5″W x 30.5″H

Seat dimensions:
23.5″L x 23.5″W x 14.5″H

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Etta Sofa

The Etta Sofa is the definition of Mid Century couture with the custom fabrication and tufted details.

Dimensions: 91.5″L x 31″W x 32″H

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Evan Dining Table

Overall product dimensions: 35.5″L x 71″W x 29.5″H

Floor to underside of table: 28.5″H

Thickness of table top: 1″H

Base width: 44″W

Width of legs: 53.5″W

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Gerty Sofa

The Gerty Sofa has natural wooden finish with leather cushions for seating
Overall Dimension: 6’L x 32”D x 31”H

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Glide Coffee Table

Overall Dimension: W42″ x D28″ x H11″

Hermie Sofa

The Hermie Sofa has a gorgeous baby blue shade and is perfect for seating for large groups

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Jeason Chair

Dimensions: 32.5″L x 35″W x 41.5″H

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Judy Chair

The Judy Chair is part of the Mid-Century Collection giving a modern touch to a classic look.

Dimensions: 26″L x 28″W x 29″H

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Kender Dining Table

Overall product dimensions: 35.5″L x 71″W x 29.5″H

Floor to underside of table: 29″H

Thickness of table top: 8″H

Base dimension: 28.5″L x 54″W

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Landon Highboy

Overall Dimensions: W24″ x D24″ x H44″

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Lecta Sofa

The Lecta Sofa has a rich fabric in a silver gray color with tufted details and throw pillows.

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