Membership Rewards

Welcome to Lux Lounge EFR’s Membership Rewards Program! As a member, you will earn one point for every one dollar spent and enjoy exclusive discounts with reward packages that will save you up to $13,000 off your next order!

Joining the Membership Rewards Program will allow you to obtain more rewarding offers and exclusive discounts than if you were not a member. All you have to do is simply book your events with us. In addition to obtaining more discounts, the more you book with us, the more you save! Our program includes 3 levels of membership: The Outstanding Silver Planner, The Superb Gold Planner, and The Ultimate Platinum Planner. Once you reach The Ultimate Platinum Planner, enjoy the best perks available, such as priority ordering, free local delivery, and more! In addition, large scale customers and customers that have shown the utmost loyalty with us will receive FREE rental packages, that range from $1,000-$13,000! The perks don’t end there. All participants of the Membership Rewards Program can obtain additional points by referring friends, ordering in advance, and even by continuing to demonstrate loyalty with our company with Anniversary Points. For an official breakdown of the program, please see below.

Thank you for joining Lux Lounge EFR’s Membership Rewards Program, and we look forward to helping you make your vision become a lasting impression!

Program Breakdown:


Member Status

Outstanding Silver Planner

Superb Gold Planner

Ultimate Platinum Planner

Point Range

2,500-4,999 points

5,000-9,999 points

10,000 points and above






Reward Packages


Additional Perks

  • Referral Program

    • Refer a friend, and receive 2,500 points when the referred friend books and reserves an order with Lux Lounge EFR.

    • Once the order is complete, 2,500 points will automatically be added to the referrer’s account.

  • Anniversary Points

    • Clients automatically receive 5,000 points every year on their Membership Rewards Anniversary.

      • The client must book and reserve three events per year to qualify for Anniversary Points.

      • The date on which the client’s Rewards Program membership is confirmed, is the client’s Membership Rewards Anniversary.

    • Every account will be reviewed on their Membership Rewards Anniversary to confirm sufficient account activity.

  • Order in Advance

    • Order 45-60 days in advance, the client will receive an additional 1,000 points once reserved and booked

    • Order 60-90 days in advance, the client will receive an additional 1,500 points once reserved and booked

    • Order 90-120 days in advance, the client will receive an additional 2,000 points once reserved and booked.

  • Ultimate Platinum Planner Membership enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

    • Priority ordering status

    • Free local delivery (within a ten mile radius of downtown Los Angeles)

    • Platinum member may add 4 free items, to a rental order of $5,000 or more, twice a calendar year.

      • Limited to in-stock items only

  • Gold

    • A Gold Member may add 2 free items to a rental order of $3,500 or more, twice a calendar year.

      • Limited to in-stock items only

  • Silver

    • A Silver Member may add 1 free item to a rental order of $2,500 or more, twice a calendar year.

      • Limited to in-stock items only



  • Promotions, offers, and discounts exclude costs of delivery, set-up fees, pick-up fees, and taxes

  • Rewards program only applies to one day rentals

    • If client requires rental items for more than one day, items rented through the rewards program will have an additional fee of 20% of the total rental amount per additional day.

  • Rewards program only applicable to items currently in stock (no custom furniture orders)

  • Members can only earn points and discounts on cost of rental pieces (excludes discounts on tax, delivery, set-up fees, etc.)

  • Discounts do not apply to last minute add-on furniture orders

  • Accounts with no activity for a full year, starting from Membership Rewards Anniversary date, will lose all accumulated points.

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