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Astro Dining Table

Product Dimensions: 79″L x 39.5″W x 29.5″H

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Ava Chandelier Clear

Dimensions: W21″ x D21″ x H23″

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Avenue Chair

Our Avenue Chair comes in multiple colors creating a classic look perfect for any event.

Dimensions: 18.5″L x 21″W x 32.5”H

Avenue Chair Clear
Avenue Chair Light Blue
Avenue Chair Orange
Avenue Chair Green
Avenue Chair Black
Avenue Chair Red
Avenue Chair White

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Avenue Gold Chair

The Ghost Avenue Chair has rich rose gold legs as the base with a clear seat.

Dimensions: 21.3″W x 18.3″D x 33.5″H

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Dazzle Gold Side Table

Our Dazzle Gold Side Table will make a stunning impression at your next event. Perfect for any occasion especially if you are seeking a touch of gold for your event design.

Dimensions: W17″ x D17″ x H22″

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Diamante Coffee Table

Dimensions: W39″ x D39″ x H16″

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Diamond Table Lamp

This Diamond Table Lamp is a glamorous lead crystal 2-tier waterfall table lamp.

Dimensions: W8.5″ x D8.5″ x H16″

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Draper Dining Table

Dimensions: W42″ x D42″ x H30″

Weight: 52 lb.

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Eileen Side Table

Overall Dimension: 20″L x 20″W x 37.5″H

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Ghost Armless Chair (Clear)

The Ghost Armless Chair (Clear) is a simple and sleek look for any event.

Dimensions: W21″ x D22″ x H36″

Seat Height: 18.5″

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Ghost Barstool

Representing the intersection of classic baroque style and innovative modern design, the Ghost Barstool is both enchanting and comfortable.

Dimensions: D17″ x W17″ x H26.5″

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Ghost Coffee Table

Ghost Coffee Table is an upscale modern design that stands out in any modern setting.

24W x 18 D x 18H”

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Ghost Dining Table

Ghost Dining Table is an elegant and modern design includes crystal clear legs and top.

Dimensions: W63″ x D35″ x H29″

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Illuminated Belly Bar Extension Module

The Illuminated Belly Bar Extension Module has wireless multi-color LED lighting and serves as an extended table top when needed.

W24″ x D24″ x H0.25″

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Illuminated Cocktail Table (18″)

The Illuminated Cocktail Table (18″) is a wireless multi-color LED lighting. This 18″ acrylic square includes wireless battery powered multi-color LED lighting.

Overall Dimensions:
W18″ x D18″ x H18″

Button controls on bottom of fixture
Light options: steady colors, scrolling colors, fade and candle effect, dimmable light intensity
Lasts 6-8 hours on one charge

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Illuminated Communal Belly Table

The Illuminated Communal Belly Table has wireless multi-color LED lighting and comes in a variety of colors.

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Illuminated Cylinder

Overall Dimensions:
Height 25″, Diameter 9″

Waterproof and shock resistant
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery (3.7V)
Includes inductive charging station
5-10 hour battery life
6-hour charging time
12 LEDs: 8 white, 4 color

Modes: 7 static colors, 1 color changing (through 160,000 colors), 2 candle effects (flickering blue/yellow), light intensity

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Illuminated Edison Table Lamp

Overall Dimensions: Height 10″, Diameter 6.5″

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Illuminated Frosted Edison Lamp

Overall Dimensions: Height 9.8″, Overall Diameter 6.3″

Battery Type: Rechargeable (Included)

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Lush Table Lamp

Overall Dimension: 26 1/2″ high x 6″ wide footprint x 16″ shade

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Metro High Table Rose Gold

Dimensions: W24” x D24” x H42”

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Mia Dining Table

Overall Dimension: W47″ x D47″ x H30″

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Mirror 8′ bar

The Mirror Bar is an 8′ wide bar with a clear reflective front panel.

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Retro Chair (Red)

The Retro Chair is a modern lounge chair that works for any event.

Retro Chair Red
Retro Chair Clear
Retro Chair Blue
Retro Chair Black
Retro Chair White
Retro Chair Orange
Retro Chair Green
Retro Chair Yellow

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Taylor Black Acrylic Bench

Overall Dimension: 48.2″W x 18.7″D x 8.3″H

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Taylor Puff Brown Sheepskin Lucite Bench

Dimensions: 19.3″D x 49″W x 19″H

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Taylor Puff Grey Sheepskin Bench

Overall Dimension: 16.14″W x 16.14″D x 20.87″H

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Taylor White Velvet Acrylic Bench

Dimensions: 18″D x 48″W x 18″H

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Tiffani Tufted Side Chair

The Tiffani Tufted Side Chair is a dazzling tufted lounge piece with lucite legs.

Dimensions: W22″ x D25″ x H38″

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Tulip Side Table (Clear)

19″L x 19″W x 20″H

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Twist Communal Table (Black)

Twist Communal Table (Black) is made with three legs, each from 2 metal sheets that are twisted into an outstanding design. Add any table top shape and color to this table stand available in 3 heights.

D72” x W36” x H42”
D96” x W36” x H42”

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