Twist Cocktail Highboy Table 42″ High (Black)

Twist Cocktail High Table 42″ High (Black) takes 2 metal sheets and twists them into an outstanding design. Add any table top shape and color to this table stand. It is available in 3 heights.

Dimensions: 12″ x 12″ 42″

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Part of the Twist collection, the Twist Cocktail Highboy Table 42″ High (Black) is our exquisite piece, perfect for many types of events.It comes in black, but you have the option to pick any color. Just like you can pick any table top. This marvelous twist design is always a hit among the guests at most events, so you can be sure that it will also be at your event. Finally, you should definitely take a look at the rest of the collection for more pieces with this stunning design.

Additional Information

Dimensions 12 x 12 x 26 in