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Ariel Banquette Black

The Ariel Banquette Black is curved seating that creates endless possibilities for any space.

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Astor Chandelier Black

Dimensions: W31″ x D31″ x H22″

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Ava Chandelier Black

Dimensions: W21″ x D21″ x H23″

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Avery Armless Chair (Black)

The Avery Armless Chair (Black) is a perfect seat for your event. It is provided in multiple colors.

W27″ x D30″ x H32.5″

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Avery Armless Sofa (Black)

Our Avery Armless Sofa in platinum is a luxurious staple of any lounge setting. Provided in multiple colors,sizes and settings.

W96″ x D32″ x H32.5″

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Avery Tufted 6′ Bench (Black)

The Avery Tufted 6′ Bench (Black) is stylish and inviting seating for any event.

W72″ x D24″ x H18″

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Black Braided Rope

Black Braided Ropes are 6′ length with spring clip hooks on each end.

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Candice Coffee Table Black

Dimensions: W55″ x D28″ x H14″

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Classic Wing Back Sofa

Although the name says it all,this is the ultimate classic leather series. A traditional look with elegance and luxury at its core. This sofa seats 3 people.

W72″ x D36″ x H41″

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Collins Sofa Black

Dimensions: W71'' x D41'' x H29''

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Copenhagen Adjustable Barstool (Black)

The Copenhagen Adjustable Barstool (Black) is tufted and modern and comes in a hydraulic piston with a chrome plated footrest with a steel base.

W18″ x H18″ x H42.5″

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Delon Desk Black

Dimensions: D30'' x W59'' x H30''

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Dirch Sofa

The Dirch Sofa stands on wooden legs with tufted detailing and round throw pillows for extra comfort.

Overall product dimensions: 80″w x 32″d x 32″h.

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Display Stands (Various Sizes)

The Display Stands Various Sizes are elegant wood displays with acrylic top and LED lighting system to shine through top of columns. Comes in 4 sizes: 30″, 36″, 42″ and 48″

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Gable Black Leather Chair

Dimensions: 29″D x 33.5″W x 35.5″H

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Galeo Love Seat Black

Loveseat Dimension

• Seat width: 43.5''W
• Seat depth: 21.25''D
• Seat height: 17''H
• Seat thickness: 5''
• Width: 57''W
• Height: 27.5''H
Depth: 28.5''D

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Henry Classic Wing Back Chair (Black)

The Henry Classic Wing Back Chair (Black) is built for royalty with leather and stud detailing.

W32″ x D32″ x H52″

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Herringbone Multi Purpose Bar (Black Columns)

Herringbone Multipurpose Bar Black Columns can be used as a bar, DJ booth, or a table for guests.

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Jeanne Black Desk

Dimensions: D26.4″ x W50.8″ x H31.5″

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Jeason Chair Black

Dimensions: 32.5″L x 35″W x 41.5″H

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Joy Lounge Chair (B)

The Joy Lounge Chair (A) is a simple and modern chair for any setting.

W26″ x D26″ x H27″

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Leigh Black

Dimensions: W13″ x D13″ x H30″

Weight: 7.5 lb.

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Metro Communal Table Black

42″ h
76″ w
30″ d

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Metro Dining Table Black

Overall Dimension: 50”-D x 8ft-w x 31”-H

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Metro Tray Side Table Black

Overall Dimension: 15″w x 17″d x x 23″h

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Metropolitan 3′ x 3′ Ottoman (Black)

Metropolitan 3′ x 3′ Ottoman (Black) is soft plush elegance made in microfiber patterns with crystal accents.

Dimensions: W26″ x D26″ x H13″

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Metropolitan Velvet Chaise (Black)

Metropolitan Velvet Chaise (Black) is soft plush elegance made in microfiber patterns with crystal accents.

Dimensions: W78″ x D32″ x H33″

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Monroe Elegance Barstools

Monroe Elegance Barstool (Black) has a sterling vinyl seat and polished metallic legs.

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Oxygen Barstool

The Oxygen Barstool is adjustable with button tufting and has a chrome base fully wrapped in a washable leatherette.

W17″ x D17″ x H23.5-32.5″

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Piano Sectional (The Voice Season 6)

As seen on Season 6 of The Voice, this Piano Sectional is a statement piece that will be a crowd pleasure.

W27″ x D30″ x H32.5″

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Queen Elizabeth Imperial Bench

The Queen Elizabeth Imperial Bench is a mix of European and modern design.

W96″ x D16″ x H19″

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Queen Elizabeth Throne Classic 4’x4′ Ottoman (Teal)

Queen Elizabeth Throne Classic 4'x4' Ottoman (Teal) is European inspired with plush velvet material that creates great additional seating for any event.

D20″ x W28.5″ x H11.5″

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Rexford Chair (Charcoal Gray)

The Rexford Chair in Charcoal Gray

Overall product dimensions: 35″W x 34″D x 17″H

Back of the chair height is 35″
Arm height is 7″

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Rila Sofa

The Rila Sofa is classic and timeless Mid Century fashion with tufted details.

Dimensions: 91.5″L x 31″W x 32″H

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Romie Black Stainless Steel Barstool

Dimensions: 14.6''D x 14.6''W x 29.5''H

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Rosenite 2 Tier Serving Cart

The Rose Gold 2 Tray Serving Cart is a unique and stylish way to keep drinks moving around at an event.

Dimensions: D30″ x W19.3″ x H35″

Weight: 22 lb

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Rosenite Coffee Table

The Rosenite Coffee Table has a rosegold border outlining the deep black glass.

Dimensions: W40” x D40” x H15.9”

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Round Ottoman Black

Dimension: 18″ round ottoman Black

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Shag Rug (Black)

Shag rugs are available in multiple sizes.

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Shirley Chair Black

Dimensions: 27″D x 27″W x 25″H

Weight: 13lb

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Stewart Black Stainless Steel Barstool

Dimensions: 24.2''D x 21.5''W x 42.5''H

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