Tiffany Tufted Straight Bar with Columns

The Tiffany Tufted Straight Bar with Columns has rich in-depth tufting with a classic leather look.

Bar: 18′ or 22′
Dimensions: W144″ x D18.5″ x H41″

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Tiffany Tufted Straight Bar with Columns is a large and luxurious bar from our exquisite Tiffany collection. This amazing piece comes in several variations, all of which you can check within our Tiffany collection. You will find the bar quite satisfying with its classic leather look and rich in-depth tufting. The guests are also bound to love it due to the glamour and style this bar simply radiates with. Furthermore, if you like this piece and want to further furnish your event, then check the many other bar-related products we offer. Many of those are truly perfect together with the Tiffany Straight Bar with Columns.

Additional Information

Dimensions 18.5 x 144 x 41 in