Tiffany Tufted Straight Bar w/ columns (10′ to 20′)

The Tiffany Tufted Straight Bar with Columns has rich in-depth tufting with a classic leather look.

Dimensions: W108″ x D18.5″ x H41″

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Hailing from the magnificent Tiffany collection, this Tiffany Tufted Straight Bar is a stunning piece with the ability to fit into many types of events. It is a luxurious piece, made from quality material. Our designers have created this marvelous product of glamorous design that is bound to make your event more successful and loved by the guests. If you like this marvel, then you should definitely check the rest of the collection. You should also take a look at our other bars, bar stools, back bars and other similar products.

Additional Information

Dimensions 18.5 x 108 x 41 in