Avery Middle Piece Sectional

This is the Middle Piece of Our classic Avery series is a luxurious staple of any lounge setting. Provided in multiple colors,sizes and settings. This sectional seats 16 people and is part of the Avery Collection.

W35″,48″,59″,74″ x D33″,33″,33″,33″ x H18″

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The Avery Middle Piece Sectional is part of the Avery collection of furniture, but more importantly, it’s the middle part of the stunning Avery Sectional, which you should definitely check. The sectional embodies the style, class and the luxury for which our company is known. Besides the sectional, you should look into other furniture that the Avery collection offers in abundance, as all of it is of similar design and the collection can easily completely furnish your entire event.