The cuteness and beauty of the furniture comprising the Tiffani collection cannot be overvalued. Each product was meticulously designed in order to create an amazing piece of furniture that will be loved by everyone at any event. The collection includes beautiful sofas and chairs of different design, all being in the wonderful teal color, then comfortable sofas, chaises and bournes respecting that same color that epitomizes the Tiffani collection. It also includes diamond lamps and chandeliers and even a bar. All of these furniture pieces can truly make an event the best it can be.

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5th Avenue Banquette

The 5th Avenue Banquette is a high back piece with espresso wood accents.

Dimensions: W63″ x D24″ x H71″

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Cora Sofa (Turquoise)

Dimensions: 90″W x 37.5″D x 30.5″H

Diamond Chandelier

The Diamond Chandelier is a glamorous lead crystal waterfall chandelier with 10 lights.

Dimensions: W16″ x H36″

Chain length:  72″ adjustable.

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Diamond Table Lamp

This Diamond Table Lamp is a glamorous lead crystal 2-tier waterfall table lamp.

Dimensions: W8.5″ x D8.5″ x H16″

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Hepburn High Back Throne

The Hepburn High Back Throne is a mid-century inspired tufted chair with modern touches.

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Tiffani 57th Street Chair

The Tiffani 57th Street Chair is a mid-century modern tufted chair upholstered in Velvet.

Dimensions: W29″ x D31″ x H42″

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Tiffani 57th Street Chaise

The Tiffani 57th Street Chaise is a mid-century tufted chaise with modern elements, great for any event.

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Tiffani 57th Street Sofa

Tiffani 57th street Sofa is a mid-century modern velvet tufted lounge that’s bound to turn some heads at your event.

Dimensions: W85″ x D31″ x H42″

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Tiffani Deco Dining Chair

The Tiffani Deco Dinning Chair is a high back dining chair that will make a statement.

Dimensions: W28″ x D29″ x H64″

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Tiffani Deco Sofa

The Tiffani Deco Sofa has style in luxurious velvet.

Dimenions: W96″ x D31″ x H34″

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Tiffani Retro Bar

8ftL x 24” W x 42” H

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Tiffani Tufted Arm Chair

The Tiffani Tufted Arm Chair dazzles with crystal accents.

Dimensions: W40″ x D37″ x H25″

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Tiffani Tufted Bourne

The Tiffani Tufted Bourne shines with crystal accents.

Dimensions: W78″ x D53″ x H30″

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Tiffani Tufted Side Chair

The Tiffani Tufted Side Chair is a dazzling tufted lounge piece with lucite legs.

Dimensions: W22″ x D25″ x H38″

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Tiffani Tufted Sofa

The Tiffani Tufted Sofa shines in teal and crystal accents.

Dimensions: W96″ x D37″ x H25″

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