Avery Sectional Right Ottoman

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This is the Right Ottoman of Our classic Avery series is a luxurious staple of any lounge setting. Provided in multiple colors,sizes and settings. This sectional seats 16 people and is part of the Avery Collection.

W35″,48″,59″,74″ x D33″,33″,33″,33″ x H18″

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The Avery Sectional Right Ottoman is a small part of the much larger Avery Sectional, a stunning piece of Lux Lounge ingenuity and style. It belongs to the Avery collection and when put together it can fit 16 people, making the sectional the perfect thing for most events. It can also be made in different colors, sizes and settings. But besides the practicality, all the parts of this sectional are truly gorgeous and will leave your guests breathless.