Avery Left Arm Piece Sectional

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This is the Left Arm of Our classic Avery series is a luxurious staple of any lounge setting. Provided in multiple colors,sizes and settings. This sectional seats 16 people and is part of the Avery Collection.

W35″,48″,59″,74″ x D33″,33″,33″,33″ x H18″

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Created as one part of the Avery Sectional, the Avery Left Arm Piece Sectional has an astonishing design and bright white color that is sure to provoke many gazes at most events and it can thus stand on its own as a powerful example of the amazing Lux Lounge furniture design. But as part of the whole sectional, you can imagine how greater it is, so you should make sure to look it up in our Avery collection.